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American Rugby – Let’s Put This Into Perspective

“Watching Americans play rugby is like watching a dog walk on his hind legs. He doesn’t do it well but you’re impressed he can do it at all”

Okay… Let’s put this into perspective Mr. Funnyman

The first thing I want to clarify is that by no means is American rugby the best in the world. I’m not claiming that. But what I will claim, is that it’s arguably the most impressive. And here’s why.

The USA Eagles ranked 16th in the entire World prior to this World Cup, beating out 86 other teams in a period where rugby is looked at as a club sport to most.

Our USA Sevens Eagles are one in only 8 teams to have already qualified for the Olympics in 2016.

Did I mention we have the most Olympic Gold medals in Rugby? And are still the defending champs?

Look, we haven’t had a great showing in the World Cup since it’s beginnings. But we have qualified for every World Cup besides one in 1995.

Keep in mind the United States holds the record for most Olympic Gold Medals overall, with only the Soviet Union coming close ( which isn’t even close ). So even though there isn’t a strong American presence in International sports like Fútbol, Rugby and Cricket, there is still no doubt that the US produces a majority of the best athletes in the World.

As I’ve experienced extensive travel in my day, I’ve even noticed it in our culture. It’s something distinct, our love of sports.

The fact is that our best athletes aren’t playing rugby in this period of time. If our Michael Jordans, Tom Bradys, and Cy Youngs grew up playing rugby instead of traditional American sports, there would be no question that our Eagles would dominate the game.

I didn’t even know what rugby was until I made it to University. I had an idea. But my experience with rugby was limited to a few YouTube videos I randomly came across.

So this is why the Eagles are the most impressive team in the World Cup. Because it’s a rag tag team. It’s a team without money. It’s a team in it’s youth. It’s a team playing against all odds. Yet they are still there, putting up points on the scoreboard against the best in the World.

So to the Funnyman that has a strong opinion out there. I’m going to kindly ask you to check your facts.

Give it some time and American Rugby will be Rucking some shit up.

Furthermore, I’d like to give a big Congrats to every team out there this year. The fact that you went through hell to get there is impressive enough. Maybe the fellow who left this comment never played a game of rugby in his life. If he has, I think he would appreciate that.

And with that said, I wouldn’t mind to see Todd Clever punch him in the face. Followed by a bald eagle with an 11 ft wing span shit on his head after a full night of drinking Tennessee’s Jack Daniel Whiskey, so you know it would be the runs. Then suddenly, out of no where, Abe Lincoln runs him over with a Ford Model T, only to submit him to one of our hospitals to be treated by the best damn healthcare system on planet earth. But no one comes to visit. And he gets a little depressed. But American entrepreneurship allows him to meet up with a pretty girl from Facebook. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. They go on a few dates and before long he falls in love. But alas, she cheats on him with none other than Todd Clever, the same guy who punch him in the head.

Yours truly,



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