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American Rugby Scholarships – Top 5

So it is not a huge secret that American Rugby is not as popular as collegiate American football here in the States. But if you find yourself reading this, that might be a good thing.

The competition in the rugby talent pool for most American schools is slim pickings. That means you can capitalize on some pretty sweet scholarships if you’re a hard working, smart, fairly athletic rugger. Unlike trying to compete for a full ride at the University of Alabama for football…

The growth of American Rugby is the fastest of all collegiate sports. And though some schools recognize it and others just endorse it, some go above and beyond their call of duty.

Here are the TOP 5 American Rugby Scholarships

5. University of Central Florida –

The UCF Alumni Rugby Scholarship is a $250 payout every season. You can renew this every year and essentially make $1000 over your course of playing for the Knights. That might not sound like much, but it can at least buy you beer for a little while. Plus it’s UCF…

4. Arkansas State University –

Arkansas offers partial scholarships to it’s rugby athletes in the form of waivers. They allow out of state players pay for in state tuition. This amounts to quite a bit. Both men and women can apply.

3. Idaho State University –

Idaho State University has one of the best rugby teams in the Nation, consistently going to the National championship. They also offer in state waivers to their rugby players like Arkansas. Their out of state tuition is around $7500 while their in state tuition cost $2200 making the rugby scholarship amount to over $4800 a semester.

2. Kutztown University –

I’m wasn’t even sure if this was a real place… But it definitely is. They offer their rugby students scholarships totaling over $10,000. That’s a big chunk of change for some people and a generous amount for such a humble sport.

1. Furman University –

Okay the best place to go to school if you’re a rockstar rugby player and you want to go tuition free is Furman University. Their scholarship can average over six figures over the period of 4 years. That’s unheard of, even in some rugby dominant countries. This little school is located in Greenville, SC and is known for being the most selective private university in South Carolina. It enrolls about 2700 students every year and has a ton of clubs on campus, including Rugby.


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