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Choosing band saw type. Table top or self standing?

If you plan on acquiring equipment such as band saw for your workshop, the process begins as far back as having a clear and precise plan as to exactly what type of band saw you will need. Should it be a table top or self standing?

Most shockingly, sometimes even professionals do have trouble making a choice as to whether to purchase a table top or self standing band saw. Well, there is no need to panic though, because even if you are just a novice hoping to make your first (and most likely last) band saw purchase, you can easily get the best band saw that would suit your needs by answering a few questions and following simple guidelines from best woodworking blogs.

How often do you intend to move your band saw?

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Perhaps another question would come in handy here: Do you have a dedicated long termed working space or a temporal workshop? One very important factor that many people overlook when purchasing a band saw is the ease and convenience of moving the machine. Most stand alone band saw machines cannot easily be displaced. Though some of them have wheels moving the equipment from one location to another will need an extra hand, or most likely incur and extra costs. You might therefore want to go in for table top band saw if you are not sure of maintaining you work space for a long period of time, because they are lighter and much easier to move than a self stand band saw which could sit in a long termed dedicated space.

How thick is the material you would be cutting through regularly?

Your working life could be very frustrating when you have tools that do not help in getting the job done easily. Reason why it is most important to get the right tools in the first place. Before deciding on choosing a table top or self standing band saw you must have an idea of the kind of material you would be cutting through. A table top would comfortably cut through wood as thick as 3. 5inches. You should be more comfortable with a self standing band saw if you regularly cut through material as thick as 4inches or above.

Cost and type of blade

Generally, table top blades are much cheaper than self standing band saw blades and would get the job done equally well. Though the table top blades would help you save on blades over the years, what is most important here is that you should get the manufacturer’s recommended blades, to ensure the best performance. It is worth noting that some cheaper and lighter blades easily snap off more often, hence causing an increased long term expenditure on blades.

Ease of use

The very fact of the lightweight nature of table top band saws makes them very flexible and easy to maneuver around, to get that perfect cut to precision, which would make your work stand out among others. This level of flexibility cannot be easily attained with a self standing band saw, except otherwise, with a very skilled and experienced hand.

Generally if you are considering purchasing a band saw for the first time, you might want to go first with a table top which would most likely conform to your needs. Be wise and carry out a little research as to the price and quality of equipment you would be getting. Visit your local flee market, online shops, or most importantly seek help from a local expert.


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