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DJI Inspire1 Review – You can Capture Rugby Games

Are you looking for one of the best cutting-edge quadcopter on the market so you can film any rugby games? Let us introduce to you Inspire 1. It is a flight control system that astonished us with its features, looks and technological achievements. You will surely have one of the best flights in your life with Inspire 1. Lets see why and go through all the specs of this wonderful product.


Height: 438mm
Width: 451mm
Flying Weight: 2935g
Flight time: 18 Minutes
Battery: 5700 mAh 22.8 V
Video: 12 MP 4000×3000

What’s in the DJI Inspire1 box

The whole package is neat packaged and a well stocked content. Comes with bundle set of accessories including:

  • Aircraft Body
  • Remote Controller
  • Camera with Gimbal
  • Propellers (Pair)
  • Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47)
  • Battery Charger
  • SD Card (16GB)
  • ND Filter
  • Manuals
  • Power Cable
  • Micro-USB Cables
  • Remote Controller Charging Cable
  • Harness
  • Camera with Gimbal Box
  • Carrying Case

Here you see everything you get when you order the single remote control version of the DJI Inspire 1. The box includes: Inspire 1, one battery 4500mAh, various cables, user manual, the gimbal + camera, 8 propellers (only 4 shown here), a screwdriver and some spare dampers, power supply, harness.

DJI Inspire1 assembly

The DJI Inspire1 is delivered pre-assembled to 99% and it is ready to fly quadcopter, however some things have to be done and properly prepare before your first take off:

1. Charge batteries – Charger comes with two outlets, one for the remote controller and one for the flight battery. It is important to charge them separately not both at same time, so start with charging the controller. LED charging status indicators will start blinking during this process and stop blinking when charging if finished.

The DJI Inspire1 comes with two different batteries, TB47 4500mAh and second one with 5700 mAh they both charge in the exactly same way. At the top of the battery there are four LED lights indicators and the button so if you press this button you will see how the battery is charged now. It has two connectors for battery charger outlet, remove the cap and connect it with TB47 battery. Charging process is exactly the same like for controller.

2. Preparing the gimbal – On the top of the gimbal there is a connectors protection cap which needs to be removed first. Unlock the cap from Inspire1 by turning the it in right side to and connect the gimbal in the holder then turn the lever in the left side.

3. Insire1 software update – It is important to update firmware update of your Inspire1 before taking your first flight. Take out the microSD card from camera and plug it inside of your computer (you will need microSD adapter for that). Go to DJI Homepage and download latest zip firmware from the website. Unzip the firmware file and copy the bin file in the root directory of the microSD card and USB stick which is needed to update the controller. Insert the microSD card inside Inspire1 and turn it on, connect the smart device with the controller (iPhone, Android) and start the DJI Pilot app and firmware will start upgrading the software.

The whole updating process takes around 20 minutes you will see that lights are flashing, it’s important to not touch anything during this process to avoid any damage.

4. Controller software update – Put the USB stick in and turn on the controller on, you will see blue flashing light which means that software update is running and this process takes around 3 minutes.

DJI Inspire1 features

The Main Controller – Ground Station

DJI Inspire1 features FPV when controller connected with smart device (iOS, Android). The main controller receives thousands of bits of data every second and it makes them into action as you fly. The controller is built in a way that it calculates any environmental conditions as you fly and it will enable you to manage the aircraft. The aircraft will respond instantly to your commands. The main controller is light, and you can manage it with ease. It is simple to use and understand.
You can adjust remote control master and slave settings. With master toggle you can adjust your RC status, name, connection password. When in slave mode the settings change enabling you to adjust the RC name, request control and search for the master controller. In RC settings you can adjust gimble wheel speed, stick exp curve, remote control calibration and stick mode as well customizing your C1 and C2 two empty buttons from a variety of selections including advanced camera settings, reset gimbal yaw, gimbal free/follow, toggle map/follow, clear flight mode and battery info.


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