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Rugby 7’s Workout program

There will always be the conundrum of gaining STRENGTH and SPEED at the same time. Even outside of rugby, people are trying to lose weight while they stack on muscle, which is extremely hard to do (not impossible).

Rugby is a sport that clearly implies brute force and speed. It is a game that will not only leave you in the dust, but will bury you into the ground if you let it.

So what does a rugby 7s player workout routine look like?


Even though some of you may say this is not part of a workout routine… the only thing you will get from me is a smile and a “good luck”.

Diet is everything, because it not only dictates how your workout goes, it dictates how you recover as well.

I won’t get into here because it’s not the place… but if you’re interested. I will be following up on this topic at a later date.

2. Building Strength

This crucial for parts of the game that include scrums, tackling, rucking and lifting. Without any kind of real strength it’s difficult to compete.

try this: 


Back squats 5×5

Bench Press 5×5

Deadlift 5×5

Military Press 5×5

2. Explosion

In order to play rugby 7s with the pros, you will need to be able to explode off of a scrum, a ruck, or even touch. Acceleration is key. That one split second can be the difference in winning or losing a match.

try this


Pull ups 10×5

Box Jumps 10×5

Kleen and Jerk 10×5

25m Sprint 10×5

3. Endurance

This is a tricky one… How do you find endurance when you are trying to build power? The answer is being very careful not to overdo it. Really watch your heart rate and try and stay at a constant 135 or under for an extended period of time. Do this a few times a week, that’s all you need. Your workouts should be giving you that extra breath anyways. Combine these light jogs with eating a lot and you won’t go into a metabolic stage as much as you would think.

Try this out for at least 3 months. See what happens. Use big heavy weight on Mo-We-Fr and 50% wight on Tu-Th-Sa. You can also switch some things up once you’ve built a good routine. Watch Carlin Isles train for the USA Rugby Olympics in this short video.



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