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Rugby World Cup: Quick Facts

1. The rugby World Cup first premiered in 1987… Before this, only regional tournaments existed

2. The World Cup Champions are given the William Webb Ellis Award, named after the guy who supposedly picked up a soccer ball in the middle of a game, giving birth to modern day rugby.

3. Only 4 teams have ever won the Rugby World Cup, 3 of which are tied for most titles ( New Zealand 2, Australia 2, South Africa 2, and England 1)

4. One of the most well known World Cups was hosted in South Africa in 1995 after the International Sports Boycott. With Nelson Mandela crowning his Springboks as victors.

5. In Australia, the World Cup trophy is known as “Bill”

6. The 2015 Rugby World Cup will be hosted by England at Twickenham Stadium in London.

7. The United States ranks #16 in pre-tournament standings out of 20 international teams.

8. New Zealand is currently ranked #1

9. The United States first pool play will be 20 September 2015 against Somoa, who is ranked at #9

10. 6 Million people world wide watched the Rugby World Cup final in 2011… Don’t miss out this year


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